doctorpus logo flat On this page, you will find a lot of the illustrations from the book and of course the very first drawings of doctorpus logo flat for text.

We would love to see your drawings of Nonny or if you have any photos or drawings of Octopuses.

Do get in touch so we can feature them here on the gallery.


This is the original drawing by Sasha of doctorpus logo flat for text

First Nonny

Another early drawing of doctorpus logo flat for text by Sasha.



Sasha's picture of Nonny using Hama Beads

hamma beads nonny


Pictures you have sent into us: 

A fantastic picture by Piyo sent to us on 11 February 2020

Well done Piyo!  We love your picture of an artist :)

Piyo clean



During Dyslexia Awareness week doctorpus logo flat for text was read out to the pupils of Rose Hill School.

Their teacher asked that we add this comment:

"In the same way that Nonny became the first Doctorpus, we became more aware of many

people with Dyslexia who have used their unique learning style to become very successful."  


And below you can see some of their fabulous pictures.


the winners

nonny ks2 winner

ks1 montage smaller

lower ks2

ks2v2 copy 



We also held a competition at Chevening School and here are some of your amazing entries.



Class 1 Montage 1Class 1 Montage 2